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Markward Plaza Renovation

We have exciting news to share! The City alerted us that it is ready to begin the long-awaited renovation of Markward Plaza. Most of the work will take place near the Taney & Pine St. entrance. The renovation is supposed to last several weeks, wrapping up around the end of September. Parts of the plaza that are not under construction will remain open throughout the renovation, so long as they are safe. 

So What Can You Expect? 

You may have already noticed the fountain at the center of the plaza was recently fixed - that was just the start! The list below highlights what's in store for the rest of the plaza: 

  • On the east side of the plaza by the tennis courts and along the entrance by Taney & Pine:

    • Replacing the broken tables and chairs 

    • Fixing drainage issues that currently cause flooding

    • Replacing broken pavement 

  • Renovating the Taney & Pine entrance steps, replacing the tables and chairs at Taney

  • Stabilizing the north end of the playground to stop the mud washouts and drainage problems

  • Adding new landscaping around the plaza and at Taney & Pine

  • Removing old, damaged, or diseased trees after evaluation from an arborist-replacing with new ones

Giving Thanks

These changes have been in the works for more than a decade, as part of the previous 2010 Master Plan’s goals. The renovation would not be possible without funding from Anna Verna originally, and Kenyatta Johnson’s support now, and a DCNR Grant through Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, the original design vision of the Design Community Collaborative, and the many neighbors who attended our many community meetings and gave their opinions along the way. 

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Master Plan.JPG

The Friends of Schuylkill River Park are excited to share a preliminary 10 year vision for the park. 

View a recording of the call to walk through the first draft vision for the 10 year future of the park. To give feedback on the plan, email the Friends of Schuylkill River Park at This is just a 

About FSRP

Did you know?

The Friends of Schuylkill River Park:

  • Hold annual park cleanups in the spring and fall to insure that the park gets a little more attention before and after its busy summer season

  • Spend thousands of dollars annually, pruning, planting and landscaping throughout the park

  • Raise funds and apply for grants that support the beautification of the park

  • Maintains open sight-lines for safety and security and keep the trees, shrubs and plants healthy and hardy.

  • Work with our neighbors and the community gardeners to maintain and improve the planting beds around the Park

  • Work in concert with the Markward Advisory Committee to offer programming in the Recreation Center and the Park that serves the entire family

  • Liase with the city and other groups on behalf of the neighborhood on important matters that shape the park's future

  • Plan for the future of the park

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