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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Support the Park & Meet Your Neighbors

Join Our Board, Participate or Donate

Come join us...

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Consider FSRP for your yearend giving. 

FSRP is a registered 501(c)(3). Consider making a tax-deductible donation to help support our mission to beautify the park in 2024.


What We've Achieved, Together

Our 2023 Year in Review
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Please consider supporting FSRP with a 2023 tax-deductible year-end donation so we can continue our care of the park in 2024.

Image by Damiano Lingauri
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Party in the Park

We are so proud to have thrown the (self-declared) best party of 2023. 

The Party in the Park exceeded our expectations in every way.

Find more party pics on our Events page!

Adirondack Chairs & Picnic Tables

If you build it they will come... and relax! After lots of hammering, painting, drying, gluing and yelling at the instruction manuals, FSRP built and added some super comfy, wooden Adirondack chairs and wooden picnic tables to the park. Please be kind to them!


We hope they're increasing your enjoyment of the Park! 

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Markward Plaza Renovations

We had a wonderful time celebrating the re-opening of Markward Plaza! We hope you enjoyed the live music and chatting with our board members about the revised master plan.

Basketball Backboards and Rims

Gone are the days of perpetually broken rims. Thanks to the generous donations from the community and local businesses, FSRP was able to match the funds we raised and replace our basketball hoops with professional grade equipment. We are so proud to make this happen for the community.

Did You Know?

Some Fun Facts about FSRP

  • We are you! We are neighborhood volunteers interested in seeing the Park thrive. Some of us are neighborhood newbies and some of us have been here for decades.

  • FSRP holds annual Park cleanups in the spring and fall to give our Park gets a little more attention before and after its busy summer season.

  • We fundraise and apply for grants to support all of our efforts, in order to supplement the city's budget for the Park.

  • This means we spend thousands of dollars annually on pruning, planting, and landscaping throughout the Park! This maintenance makes the Park safer and more secure and keep the trees, shrubs, and plants healthy and hardy.

  • We work with neighbors and the community gardeners to maintain and improve the planting beds around the Park.

  • We are solely responsible for raising money to maintain the Dog Park - we get no money from the City for Dog Park maintenance.  

  • FSRP works with Philadelphia Parks & Rec and the Markward Rec Advisory Council to offer programming in the Markward Recreation Center and the Park to serve people of all ages.

  • We work with the City on behalf of the neighborhood on important matters to help plan and shape the Park's future.

Join Us

Help Keep the Schuylkill River Park Beautiful

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