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Check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions to see if we already have an answer for you!


While some Philly parks require permits for picnic tables, you DO NOT need to reserve space or get a permit to have a small personal gathering, like a birthday party or picnic, at Schuylkill River Park. Our picnic table area is first-come, first serve. Just show up, pick a picnic table or set up your own, and have fun! But please make sure to pack up all your garbage at the end of the event and (if you can), take large items with you--don't overstuff the public trash cans! INFLATABLES and BOUNCE HOUSES are NOT PERMITTED. Read all the park dos and don'ts here


You DO need a permit to hold a wedding or large festival type of event. Also, there are other public parks with designated picnic pavilions that do require permits. To find out more about when you need a permit to hold an event or to reserve a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation space, please visit here.

Do I need a permit and/or  reservation for a: Birthday party?
Bounce house?
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Do you handle disputes at the park (dog park, basketball courts, playground, etc.)?
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No! We understand that situations may arise in the dog park, on the courts, or on the playground, but we do not handle park disputes. We will be happy to help if there is a question or concern about the facilities themselves (broken water fountain, fence repair, etc.).


Please consider joining the Friends of Schuylkill River Dog Park Facebook group if you want to build community with other pet owners.

If you have a dispute that you would like mediated, you can contact the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations here.

Do you handle questions about the Schuylkill River Trail or the Banks?

No. We LOVE the Trail and Banks, but those areas are not covered by FSRP. Take a look at the map below to see what we do cover. And good news! There are groups that do handle these areas. Check out for more info. If you have other questions or concerns, call 311, Philadelphia Parks & Rec, or your local representative.  


FSRP worked with Hinge Design and the community to create a 10-year Master Plan for the future of Schuylkill River Park. This represents ideas for what is possible for the park--with engagement, fundraising, and community involvement. View the Master Plan hereWe also have an FAQ document dedicated to the Master Plan here.


To give feedback on the plan, email the Friends of Schuylkill River Park at These ideas in the plan are things we hope to work toward together, with continued input and commitment from the community. 

I've heard there is a Master Plan to make changes to the Park. Where can I find out more?
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I have safety 
concerns and/or saw something suspicious. Do you handle that?

No. Philadelphia Parks and Rec Friends groups like FSRP are typically made up of neighbors who live near the park. Our primary responsibility is to keep the park beautiful, plan programming and events, and fundraise to make overall improvements to the park. 


FSRP DOES NOT get involved in neighbor disputes and is not a law enforcement group. Neighbors in need of dispute mediation should contact the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations. All safety concerns or reports of criminal activity should be reported to the Philadelphia Police Department for the 9th District.


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What is considered part of Schuylkill River Park?

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