Markward Recreation Center

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The Markward Playground and Recreation Center is located inside Schuylkill River Park. Friends of Schuylkill River Park work closely with the Markward Recreation Advisory Council to: 
  • Maintain park green areas and facilities
  • Plan special events
  • Promote the park as a key space that brings neighbors together
  • Communicate with the city on behalf of the community
  • Plan for the future of the park
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Schuylkill River Park Community Garden

The Schuylkill River Park Community Garden (SRPCG), located at about 25th and Spruce, contains around 70 garden plots. The land is owned by the City of Philadelphia / Fairmount Park Commission and leased to the Center City Residents Association (CCRA), which manages the Garden through a steering committee comprised of current Gardeners. Read more about the garden on the website linked below. 

Schuylkill River Park Dog Run

The Schuylkill River Park is home to one of the best dog parks on the East Coast!  The dog park consists of 2 separate dog runs, one for all dogs and the second, smaller one, limited to geriatric, disabled, and small dogs under 25 pounds.  Both dog runs have patented K-9 Grass that lessens contagions, mess, and mud.  The dog runs are attended daily by dozens of dogs and their happy owners who can choose to sit on benches, a wandering sitting wall or stand along side the K-9 grass on water permeable pavers that are also allow for easy care and high play.  Owners are encouraged to remain actively attentive of their dogs to maintain the most civil interactions between their dogs and the other canines in the runs.  There is ample supply of fresh water available at all times by way of dog water fountains maintained to prevent winter freezing.  There is also a Facebook page  ( dedicated to this dog run where all members are encouraged to discuss rules, ask questions, and become better dog people.  There are all kinds of dog professionals in this group including vets, trainers, groomers, and lovers  to help maintain the best mental and physical health for your dog. 
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